Incorporated in 1961, Mehlich Electronics, Inc. manufactures dependable voice-communication and electronic signaling systems. Used in a wide range of applications. The patented multiplex system greatly reduces the amount of labor and cable required for conventional communication system.

In the early sixties Karl Mehlich (Inventor) and founder of Mehlich Electronics, Inc. designed a multiplex system, which greatly reduced the amount of cable, required for a conventional intercom system.

Named The Mehlich Multiplex System, it is as the name implies. The system consists of basically a power supply, and pulse generator which feeds a trunk cable to which transmitters and receivers are connected. The trunk line consists of 11control conductors, 1 power supply pair, and 1-shielded pair for voice communications. Once this trunk cable is installed, master and remote stations, up to 110 stations can be connected directly to the trunk, never requiring additional home run cables. This allows for flexible simple system design and easy future expansion. Much like a cable T.V. system, the cable can be looped or T-Taped in any configuration. Each remote device is coded by simply using two of the conductors in the main trunk (up to 110 devices).

This NO HOME RUN CONECPT has been used in all Mehlich Electronics, Inc. products which over the years has proven to be very reliable.